Incoma project

Incoma is a new free software debate platform whose aim is to facilitate conversations between thousands of people simultaneously, to allow the construction of a real global collective intelligence.

We are living a moment of change, in which the instant communication among millions of people from all around the world is taking place at every instant, but by now, none of the available tools in internet allow a constructive communication for large numbers of people participating in it. For that reason, Incoma is being designed rethinking from scratch the basic elements of such a platform. Some of the key ideas that drive the current version, the motivation, and an explanation about how it works can be found here.

Incoma is an always evolving project. It is designed so everyone can build its own visualization of the platform and thus contain any interface anybody could find useful to explore and construct collective thoughts. We invite you to try the tool and join us in its design (you don’t need to be a programmer to think with us how it should be designed). Incoma is free software, and that means that is yours and from the rest of the humanity. Because everything is a remix. Because we love the 99%.

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