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How can you help to make this project evolve?

– Tell us how Incoma should be. You do not need programming skills to think what could be the perfect tool to create a massive collective intelligence, or how the current version could be improved. Send us key ideas that you think should be included, graphic designs, or already existing tools that can serve as inspiration.

– Code your own visualization. Incoma is designed so everyone can build its own visualization for the conversations, and thus have millions of different debate platforms inside of it. If you can write code, you can design how Incoma should look for you. Your visualizations will be uploaded in the visualizations section. Visit the Coders section for more info about it.

– Help translating Incoma. At this moment Incoma is available in English and Spanish.

– Help expanding the project. Send the link to anybody you think may be interested, write about the project, design images for showing it to the world, send us ideas of how to find people who want to join or contribute (who to contact, groups we could send it to), ideas on how to develop the project,or how to make it work better…

More ideas in

– Want to help the project in any other way? If you don’t fit in the proposals above, but you want to spend some of your time helping the project, just contact us and we’ll think together what to do.

– Do you live in Madrid? Let’s share a tea, a cake (we love cakes), and chat about the project. You invite!

– Questions, comments? Do you think something is missing in the project? Is there anything you do not understand? Do you think you can come up with something better?

– Want to be informed about the project? Follow us on Twitter