New release of Incoma (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Today 10th of March of 2014 we are very happy to announce a new release of Incoma!

Incoma Akiba Edition

This version includes:

  • Tree/Full-complexity visualizations. Any conversation can be visualized in a clean way, no matter how messy it is.
  • Conversation editor. Edit your last comments or open editable spaces to work collaboratively.
  • Rating filter. Explore the conversation through different levels of acceptance. Wipe away the unimportant parts and focus in the main points.
  • More collective intelligence. Now not only the evaluation, but the category for each thought and connection, can be decided in common by all the participants of the conversation.
  • New language version. French version to add up to the English and Spanish ones, and a new easier language system in the code that will allow us to introduce new languages much faster.
  • A cleaner interface. To make easier to everybody to participate.

Enjoy it!

Incoma. Free software to develop the collective intelligence of the 99%.

Comments? Bugs? Suggestions? Sweets? Contact us here.


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